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Prince Henry of Wales is Pounding It!

Some of you clowns are probably thinking, “Can’t Celebrities Pounding It afford a copy editor?  That’s Prince Harry, not Prince Henry.”  Well first of all, no, we can’t afford a copy editor.  Second, this dashing gent is most definitely Prince Henry, and Prince Henry is full-on Pounding It!

Super Suave Soup Slurp!

Super Suave Soup Slurp!


Natalie Portman, Soup Pounder on the Run

Look at her, pounding that bowl of deliciousness, never missing a step.  Natalie, you’re awesome!

Pounding soup, plenty of napkins to catch any miscreant sloshes

Kirk Douglas does not care about germs when he pounds

Kirk….that is some serious ladle/ice cream scoop pounding. I mean, buddy, we love ya, but use a straw.

Serious Ladle pounding, what is that grog?