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Okay, now that THAT’S all over…

If you all don’t mind, the President has a short stack of pancakes, three eggs over easy, home fries, four chicken sausages, a large cranberry juice, and a huge-ass cinnamon roll to Pound.  Nobody deserves it more than he does.

Don’t forget the Tapatio…


Thank you Mr. Obama and Merry Christmas from CPI!

Mr. President, you have dealt with more in these first two years of your presidency than anyone could have imagined.  You have been getting heat from every direction and you have handled it with grace and goodwill and the expectation that when everyone cooled off, they would see that everything is slowly getting better.  We’re getting ready to turn that corner of awareness.  So as a small thank-you, here’s something to make the pounding a little better.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Mr. President!

Then Senator Obama taking a Pound Break with Plenty of Peppers (2008)

As he sank his teeth into this fatty torta, did Mr. Obama have any idea how many short-sighted idiots he would be dealing with in the coming years?  Probably not.  Mr. President, you RULE.  Keep On Pounding!

A little Tapatio would be nice...