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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is Pounding a Sprinkly Donut with a Sweet Shrug!

She’s got the skills and she’s got the presence, and she pulls it off with a “who, me?” cuteness. She stars in “Kill The Messenger” with Jeremy Renner in October – you know we’re going to be the first in line for tickets! Keep on Pounding It, Mary Elizabeth!

Love the nails, Liz!

Love the nails, Liz!


Arnold Schwarzenegger is tilted 45 degrees and Pounding It.

Apparently his table mate thinks it’s hilarious.

He's got the 1000 Pound Stare...

Bubbles the Hippo is taking care of breakfast, lunch and dinner with this pound!

We have seen some amazing animal pounding, but here we see Bubbles the hippo pounding an alligator! You can see Bubbles in the upcoming movie, Behind Enemy Lines 3 and also I Shouldn’t Be Alive – Congo Nightmare coming this Fall on the National Geographic Channel.

Hold him down while I bite his head off!

Happy Thankspounding – George Bush, gets ready to Pound a Turkey

I was blind sided by this Turkey

George is thinking about this turkey and how succulent it’s going to be when he pounds it.

Celebrity Pound Off #2 – Khloe Kardashian VS Vince Vaughn

They are both neck in neck, but Vince seems to be really going for the gusto with his signature, one bite pound to wind over Khloe. Good job to both.

Man, women, wild pounding

Kirk Douglas does not care about germs when he pounds

Kirk….that is some serious ladle/ice cream scoop pounding. I mean, buddy, we love ya, but use a straw.

Serious Ladle pounding, what is that grog?