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Fiscal Cliff? Averted. Pastrami sandwich? Pounded.

Sure, the deal wasn’t perfect, and people will complain, but much like a pastrami sandwich that has one slice of rye soggy from too much dressing, you buck up, you open wide and you Pound It.  May not be perfect, but it’ll do the job!

Keep on keeping on, Mr. President!

Keep on keeping on, Mr. President!


Puppy Bowl Prep Pounding!

Super Bowl XLVII is right around the corner.  It’s gonna be an awesome matchup, but not nearly as awesome as watching Puppy Bowl IX!  Please take pleasure in these blue chip prospects as they Pound It!

Look at these little guys! They are destroying those ribs!

Serena Williams, 5-Time Wimbledon Champ and Megababe Deluxe, Pounding It!

Ms. Williams relaxes and dishes out a low-key Pounding.

A graceful Pound in a moment of repose.

Congrats, Mr. President – AGAIN!

The Affordable Care Act was deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court this morning.  Nice work, sir!  Time to celebrate by Pounding a French Dip and a side of fries.

“Said it before, saying it again – I got this.”

Here is Kate Upton, Pre-Pound (because nobody wants to see that dazzling smile full of chewed-up hamburger)

Kate Upton – what a BABE!  Just use your imagination to experience her Actually Pounding It.

We think these folks won the "Have Kate Upton Pound It In Your Office" Sweepstakes, but there is nothing about it on her Website. Hints? Send them our way. #CPI

That’s right, Paula Deen is Pounding It with Gravy!

Or it could be butterscotch.  Whatever she’s pounding, it sure is beige!

Boy, she's really sticking it in there, ain't she?

Where does Anthony Bourdain come down on Paula’s Pound?  Whatever he’s destroying, it looks like it’s whole grain.

Sensible bites keep the Pound Hole happy.

Side note: Novo Nordisk had no role in this Celebrity Pounding. #CPI

Kim Kardashian in a Delicious Webcam Pound!

Noodles go better with Skype.  Well Pounded, Ms. Kardashian!

So Pretty! And So Pounding It!