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Oh Lola Berry, Won’t You Come A-Pounding Matilda With Us?

There are few things in this world that CPI loves more than Ms. Lola Berry, World’s Greatest Nutritionist.  We keep trying to get her to come to Seattle to hang with us, but no luck so far.  She’s an Aussie dynamo, ready to show you the way to a healthier life through diet!

This fresh crisp salad is going to be Reasonably Destroyed through a series of Sensible Bites.

This fresh crisp salad is going to be Reasonably Destroyed through a series of Sensible Bites.

If you’re not already following her on Twitter, what the fuck are you waiting for?  She’s at @yummololaberry – even typing it is a delight.  Try it with me – @yummololaberry… @yummololaberry… @yummololaberry…

She is so cute it’s going to make our eyeballs pop…

She is so cute it’s going to make our eyeballs pop…

But if you really want the Lola Berry experience, check her out at www.lolaberry.com – you will get all the Lola Berry you can handle.  And if you truly care about the Pounders in your life, Celebrity or otherwise, you will go to this link and pick up a copy of her book, “The 20 / 20 Diet.”  Lola herself lost 20 kilos in 20 weeks by Pounding unprocessed foods and skipping on dairy, grains and refined sugars.  We also hear there’s a new book on the way, but we’re all going to have to wait on that one.

Lola Berry – Ravishing with Radishes!

Lola Berry – Ravishing with Radishes!

Lola, you make us want to be better Pounders!  #CPI


A special message to Lola Berry, Celebrity Pounder!

What a babe!

Lola Berry, this post is for you.  We hear you’re going to be in Los Angeles soon, and there is a very special place that we want to steer you to.  That place is Cheebo.


So delicious, and right there in the heart of the action in West Hollywood.  Good vegetarian food.  They have meat as well, but I had the Huevos Rancheros and they were DELICIOUS – vegetarian except for the eggs.  Does that count?  Check them out here: http://www.cheebo.com

After Cheebo, take a walk a few blocks east past Guitar Center and stop in at Aroma Bakery Café – AWESOME PASTRIES!

Best chocolate croissants EVAH!

There’s a Farmer’s Market near West 3rd Street and Fairfax, just east of Beverly Hills.  Haven’t been there, but the Farmer’s Markets are always the best place to get some b-roll footage, don’t you think?  Plus, live music and beautiful people.

Probably not a current photo...

LA has a lot of famous food – Pink’s Hot Dogs (overrated), Fatburger (awesome), In–N-Out Burger (very salty), but one of our favorite stops was in Santa Monica, right near the beach.  They call themselves La Salsa, and they make one of the tastiest little burritos I have ever had.

Gotta love La Salsa!

And if you’re thinking of heading south to San Diego, make a stop in San Juan Capistrano, where the swallows return every year.  And get another burrito at the little stand across the street from the Mission.

Lola, we at CPI hope you have a WONDERFUL time in Los Angeles, and if you decide to hike it up to Seattle, let us know.  We will shuttle you around personally!

Take care, and safe travels!


Lola Berry is one of our Favorite Pounders! Yummo!

Lola Berry is a rock solid Australian vegetarian nutritionist hottie!  What a babe!  Check her out at www.lolaberry.com, and follow her on Twitter at @yummololaberry – you won’t regret it!

Lola is destroying that cup of tea. Can't stop watching... look at those eyes...

(Photo courtesy of www.lolaberry.com)

Lola Berry – Healthy Pounder from Down Under!

People of America, meet Lola Berry.  She is awesome.  Not only does she Pound It with a Vengeance, she is Australia’s leading nutritionist.  Check her out: http://lolaberry.com

She already Pounded all of the watermelon seeds. Noting but Sweet Seedless Pounding from here on out!