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A Master Class in Pounding It, featuring Jerry Orbach!

Every century or so, a person comes along with such a commanding presence and affability that just seeing their picture makes you happy.  For us, that person is Jerry Orbach.  And when we see Jerry Orbach destroying a slice of pizza, that makes us doubly happy, if not triply happy.  Mainly because of how happy he looks as he engages in said Pounding.

Jerome Bernard Orbach 1995-2004 Fat Slice of Pizza 2002-2002

Jerome Bernard Orbach
Fat Slice of Pizza

He was and is one of our most beloved Americans. Nobody is more deserving of his own street in NYC.

We love you and miss you, Jerry!

We love you and miss you, Jerry!


Johnny Cash Enjoys a Crosslegged Whole-Cake MegaPound!

Would ya look at that…  it’s Johnny Cash sitting in the dirt wearing a neckerchief and Pounding an entire white cake with strawberries by himself.  If ever a photo screamed out “I am a Celebrity and I am Pounding It,” this photo does that screaming.  He has frosting in his hair, for crying out loud.  We wanted to save this one until Sweeps Week, but we couldn’t wait.  This Pounding was too awesome to contain.  It practically posted itself.

Three Feet High and Pounding!

Three Feet High and Pounding!

Everything in this icebox is about to get Destroyed. So says Brando.

Michael J. sent us this incredible pic.  Nothing more to add.

Looking for a Fresca...