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Well, it’s Kim Kardashian, and she’s Pounding It, so…

Those eyes are REALLY unsettling.  She looks like a character in a horror movie that just got a harpoon in the back.  But CPI loves ice cream, so here we are.

Hot and frosty! QUIT LOOKING AT ME!


Kim Kardashian in a Delicious Webcam Pound!

Noodles go better with Skype.  Well Pounded, Ms. Kardashian!

So Pretty! And So Pounding It!

Kim Kardashian was Born to Pound It.

She is grace in motion.  The fork simply floats to her mouth.  She chews without chewing.  Nice work Kim!

An admirer from another table sent her that salmon to Pound. Much classier than sending a drink. HT to Socialite Life!