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Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ben, Jerry and a cow named Daisy

This is Daisy, now she’s pounding it hard core, not having the slightest idea that soon, she will be part of the new Ben & Jerry’s flavor Chubby Hubby.

This shit's like spaghetti

Now Here are Ben and Jerry, pounding the ice cream Daisy helped to make. Look at these hippies. Just kidding, we love them.

Pounding in Waterburry

Now here we see, Maggie Gyllenhaal, in a pre-pound moment, showing us that celebs get WAY more B&J then us normal folks, how did she even get the lid on that monstrosity. Ohh, BTW… she is enjoying the new flavor: Donny Ding Dong – bits of Jake Gyllenhaal mixed with ding dongs and a creamy butter crunch swirl.

I loved my brother in source code, but he's more tastey in this ice cream


Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t see what you find so exciting about this Pounding.

To Jake, it’s kind of a “really?” thing.  And to be honest, it’s not much of a Pound.  Back to work, everyone.

Thanks, Ace Pictures Inc, for this incredibly dull non-pound. HT to you!

Good looking actors Pounding fresh fruit? Sure, here’s another – Jake Gyllenhaal destroys an apple!

Crunchy and delicious.  But those little hats are pretty much over.  Sorry Jake!

He is really plowing into that thing! Nice Pounding!

Looks like someone else wants in on the action…

If anyone out there wants to watch me Pound It, just say the word! Please! I need this!

Kirsten Dunst Pounds Bitter Greens. Jake Gyllenhaal Watches With Great Concern.

Was Kirsten pounding this on a dare?  Something about this pic says “yes.”

She's gonna chase it down with a handful of dirt.