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It’s Been Quite A Year for Katie Holmes – Girl, You Go Ahead and Pound It!

She looks a little tired, but we all know that a good solid Pounding can put the spring back in anybody’s step.  Gelato is an excellent choice, Miz Holmes – now Pound That Thing!

Buttons WISH they were this cute!

Buttons WISH they were this cute!


We would like to very respectfully point out that Mike Tyson appears to be Pounding It.

Nice Pounding, Champ!

We hope the gelato was delicious, Mr. Tyson... sir...

Kevin Costner dealing out a mild, lowfat Pounding

Does this guy know how to Pound It or WHAT?  And he’s working on cleaning up the Gulf after the BP spill.  So basically, Costner rocks.

Walking the walk - check me out, ladies! (HT to Socialite Life)

Hey Kevin – don’t look now, but I think you’re getting the drive-by goo-goo eyes!

"Bring that sweet cream over this way! And you can bring the gelato too!"