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Adrian Grenier is Pounding an open-faced lettuce sandwich

When we say Pounding, we expect something a little decadent and a little bit wrong (see Adam Richman), but what the hell, Adrian is really giving it to this sandwich, so it’s a pounding.

Apparently Calvin Klein is moving into sandwich adverts.


Justin Bieber – Pounding Pinkberry!

Justin Bieber feat. Green Tea and Pomegranite Swirl.  Who’s not gonna go for that?

Lap it up, ya goofball!

Mark Wahlberg is gonna Pound this half-sandwich, then it’s off to the Gun Show!

When we say gun show, we mean he’s going to flex his arm muscles.

That sandwich doesn't seem so big that he needs to open his mouth that wide. Good pound, though.

Schwarzenegger Pounds It Courtside!

The rest of the family can only look on in horror as that clumsy, awkward Pounding is broadcast on the Jumbotron.

Hasta La Vista, Nacho. Okay, that was lame.