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Jennifer Lawrence Engages in a Very Public Pizza Pounding!

We admire Miz Lawrence for a number of reasons. First, she’s a great actress. Second, she seems like someone who would be fun to hang with. Third, in a snapshot of the first 5 rows at the Oscars, where there were many in possession of a slice of pizza, only one person had the courage to jam it in there and Pound It, sauce stains be damned. We salute you, Jennifer!




Paris Hilton Pounding For The Weekend (to be sung to the tune of Loverboy’s “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend”)

We hope everyone out there, celebrities and non-celebrities alike, will have a wonderful Independence Day weekend – if you’re in any other country in the world aside from the USA, we hope you just have a generally nice, typical 2-day weekend. Please groove on this glimpse of mega-cutie Paris Hilton as she Pounds a Petite Slice of Pizza. Happy 4th! #CPI

We love you, Paris!

We love you, Paris!

When It Comes to Clandestine Celebrity Pounding, Nobody Does It Like Gisele!

The composition on this Pounding is truly EPIC.  The flowers, the green bean, the straw, the lightly pursed lips – this is how Pounding is supposed to be done.

Awesome use of green space!  We could watch her Pound It all day long!

Awesome use of green space! We could watch her Pound It all day long!

Star Jones Pounds It Regally!

Ms. Jones, you look AMAZING when you Pound It. We just wanted to tell you that.

Liz Taylor never Pounded It this well.  Never.

Liz Taylor never Pounded It this well. Never.

Grace Kelly shows us a little move she calls the “Peel and Pound”

What a BABE!  And she is about to give that orange the Pounding of a Lifetime!

Again... what a BABE!

She took a lesson or two from a tall skinny guy who knew a thing about Pounding It.

Kelly and Jimmy Stewart, watching themselves in a full length mirror as Stewart slowly and methodically destroys a pair of chocolate novelty binoculars. That's Pounding!