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Bear Grylls, Frog Pounder!

We have shown, on more than one occasion, that Bear Grylls will Pound the Living Fuck out of Anything!  Does he go for seconds?  You will have to tune in and watch the show to find that out.

Dude is a Destroyer Extraordinaire!


We have got to stop covering Bear Grylls when he Pounds It.

Good ol’ Bear was making a point about survival, because survival is his thing.  And then he tweeted this.

“In honour of all your @replies about pee drinking. am on vacation in LA. Looks like I’ll have to drink my own pee! http://twitpic.com/4z1fdh

We didn't think the water in Los Angeles was THAT bad...

A Pound is a Pound is a Pound.  Well done, Mr. Grylls!

Once more, Bear Grylls shows you how fresh a Pounding can be.

What is with this guy?  And why can’t everyone Pound It as hard as he does?

Sashimi takes too long. Must Pound Now!

Bear Grylls is making the Hollywood Pounders look like a bunch of amateurs!

Never have we seen a celebrity destroy it quite so literally.

Zebra doesn't get any fresher.

Hey Bear, your buddy down there is getting hungry watching this display.

As soon as I get my head unstuck, I am right there with you homes!