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Justin Bieber has apparently been Pounding It Big Time!

Oh Justin – is there no end to your appetites?

Boy, he is really giving it to that fat hot dog sandwich!

Schwarzenegger remembers the days of young, easygoing Pounding…

Look how he seduces with his french fry. Masterful.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is tilted 45 degrees and Pounding It.

Apparently his table mate thinks it’s hilarious.

He's got the 1000 Pound Stare...

This Schwarzenegger Pound is the Stuff of Nightmares.

Look at that crunched up mug – this pic is freaking us the fuck out.

Ug. No words can describe the queasiness we feel right now.

Why is this so unsettling?  What is so familiar about this particular Pound?

Whoa!  We KNEW that looked familiar!

Schwarzenegger Pounds It Courtside!

The rest of the family can only look on in horror as that clumsy, awkward Pounding is broadcast on the Jumbotron.

Hasta La Vista, Nacho. Okay, that was lame.