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Bill Hader, America’s Sweetheart, is POUNDING IT!

The guy is magic.  Everything he does is at least 75 percent funnier because of his involvement.  Just look at this iPhone ad.  If it had been Drew Carey, it would have been a big sack of stupid.  With Bill Hader?  GOLD.  And the fella knows how to Pound It.

He probably spit the bites out after every take, but we at CPI like to imagine that he didn’t.



Kim Cattrall in a Homespun, Bulky-Sweatered Green-Apple Pound!

Ever since Porky’s, Ms. Cattrall has been the ideal.  Such a BABE!  And look at the work she’s doing on that Granny Smith!  She is POUNDING IT!

Don’t you just want to take her home and curl up in front of the fireplace with her?