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That’s right, Paula Deen is Pounding It with Gravy!

Or it could be butterscotch.  Whatever she’s pounding, it sure is beige!

Boy, she's really sticking it in there, ain't she?

Where does Anthony Bourdain come down on Paula’s Pound?  Whatever he’s destroying, it looks like it’s whole grain.

Sensible bites keep the Pound Hole happy.

Side note: Novo Nordisk had no role in this Celebrity Pounding. #CPI


Tori Spelling is tripping out on these psychedelic cookies

Apparently, there is something going on with these little colored cookies and Tori has had plenty of them. This reminds us of when she got drunk at the Prom in Beverly Hills 90210.

Whooa, slow down Tori, do you even know what's in those cookies?

Michael Cera, Skinny Guy who Pounds Big

Via Gawker.  Others at table are unidentified.

A Finger-Licking Cera Pound. Go get it Michael!

Tracy Morgan-Hydro Pounder

Before pounding, Tracy Morgan likes to seriously pound some hydration. H2O baby!

Double down on the H20

Billy Joel….Has Pounded…so much that he’s going to pound the knife now

Mmmm, these juices are still clinging to the knife.

ohh god, this good