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Then Senator Obama taking a Pound Break with Plenty of Peppers (2008)

As he sank his teeth into this fatty torta, did Mr. Obama have any idea how many short-sighted idiots he would be dealing with in the coming years?  Probably not.  Mr. President, you RULE.  Keep On Pounding!

A little Tapatio would be nice...


James Gandolfini Pounds the Tiniest of Sandwiches

Either that, or he is REALLY HUGE and he is pounding a sandwich of average size.

Pounding a sandwich, but thinking about Diddy's eggs.

Hugh Grant Pounds a Fishwich as he Searches the Rough for Tartar Sauce

Got a little on your face, Hugh…  no, higher…

Hey Grant, can you chew a little quieter? I'm trying to putt over here!

Celebrity Pound Off #1 Leighton Meester VS Iron Mike Tyson

It’s the first POUND OFF. Iron mike looks determined to pound that salad, but Leighton Meester is making an equally good attempt at shoving that hoogie into her head. Our vote goes to Leighton, anyone that goes up against Iron Mike in our mind deserves to win.

Meester VS Iron Mike

J-Lo Pounds something, maybe a hamburger

Or it could be a sandwich????

Who knows what it is. Don't get it on your white dress!!

Ty Pennington Pounds a Sandwich on the Beach with a Lady Friend watching in awe.

The ever-tan host of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” handyman Ty Pennington pounds a sandwich and salad with his longtime ladyfriend Drea Bock.

This is like a makeover in my mouth!