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Alison Hammond is a Celebrity – This Little Guy is Trying to Get Himself Outta Here!

Janice Dickinson had a similar Pounding experience, didn’t she?  Alison (Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Ready Steady Cook) is either participating in a game show, or some new Pounding craze that is sweeping the Isles.  In for a penny, in for a POUND!

That little crustacean is going to take very little more of this indignity.


Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t see what you find so exciting about this Pounding.

To Jake, it’s kind of a “really?” thing.  And to be honest, it’s not much of a Pound.  Back to work, everyone.

Thanks, Ace Pictures Inc, for this incredibly dull non-pound. HT to you!

Adam Richman Pounds It Like It’s His Job

This is Adam Richman.

Is this a dude you want to hang with, or WHAT?

A food fanatic who has held nearly every job in the restaurant biz.

Giant pile of food comin' at ya, table #3!

And now he’s on a mouthwatering journey to find America’s greatest pig-out spots, and  take on the country’s most legendary eating challenges.

That's a lotta steak. But he can handle it.

Probably shouldn't eat that much cheese in one sitting. But he can handle it.

Gonna eat that whole thing by yourself, Richman? He can probably handle it.

He’s no competitive eater, just a regular guy with a serious appetite.

Okay, that's enough. You can't handle that, Adam.

This is his ultimate hunger quest.  This is Man Vs Food.

Makes me want to punch the shit out of a turkey leg.

Adam Richman is a charming host.  He checks out regional spots all over the USA and gives us a great look at the different people and the foods that fuel them.  Here he is, Pounding the spicy stuff.

Spicy prawns? Adam is probably working on his 2,400th one in this pic.

I imagine these wings are spicy as fuck.

When he gets into challenges like eating a 6 pound burger in less than an hour, it’s a little tougher to watch.  But I watch it nonetheless.  Here are some of the more pleasant Richman Poundings.

The Classic Burger Pound

The Doggin' It Down Pound, Chicago-Style

The Brooklyn-Born Straight-Up Pastrami Pound

Ready for dessert, Adam?  We thought so.

A Sweet Strawberry Pie Pound, followed up by...

Holy shit, that is a LOT of ice cream.

But when he gets it all in there, and the crowd goes wild, and he has finally defeated food, it’s all worthwhile.  Keep on Pounding It, Adam!

I just ate three corned-beef-french-fry-ranch-dressing-turkey-stuffing-whipped-cream-sweet-potato-milkshake burgers in 15 minutes! USA! USA! USA!



David Hasselhoff – Classic Pounder

The Hoff went through a pretty dark episode and came out on the other end just fine.  Once you strip away the controversy and judgment, all you have left is a pic of a Celebrity who is truly Pounding It.

We have all been there. Cheers to you, Hasselhoff!

Vanessa Minnillo enjoys some pizza at a Lakers game

look out, the pepperoni is going to drip on the guy in front of you!

Man does Vanessa know how to POUND pizza. The guy below her is like, watch the hot pepperoni V-dog!

Homer Pounds a Gigantic Donut

mmmmmmmm. donuts.. Go homer go!

Homer pounds a giant yellow donut

Remember when I said I would pound you last..I lied

Arnold S. pounding the F*CK out of a soft serve cone.

Take that Houser!