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POUND-OFF! @Pink vs. @TheStevenWeber

Who’s eating sushi, and who’s POUNDING sushi?

First up, @Pink…

Giving the sushi a good run...

And rounding it out, one of our past favorites, @The StevenWeber…


As we see it, @Pink is working it with two hands, which is always a good indicator of Pounding it, but if you notice, @TheStevenWeber is direct-texting the sushi bar to pre-order six more spicy tuna rolls and a dozen nigiri for immediate delivery.

WINNER: @TheStevenWeber

(Although when it comes to Celebrities Pounding It, there are no losers.)



Steven Weber – yes, THE Steven Weber, POUNDS Delicious Sushi

Unconfirmed, but this is piece 47 of a 50 piece sushi platter.  Way to Pound, Weber!

Keep it coming, sushi rollers!