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Everything in this icebox is about to get Destroyed. So says Brando.

Michael J. sent us this incredible pic.  Nothing more to add.

Looking for a Fresca...


Kevin Costner dealing out a mild, lowfat Pounding

Does this guy know how to Pound It or WHAT?  And he’s working on cleaning up the Gulf after the BP spill.  So basically, Costner rocks.

Walking the walk - check me out, ladies! (HT to Socialite Life)

Hey Kevin – don’t look now, but I think you’re getting the drive-by goo-goo eyes!

"Bring that sweet cream over this way! And you can bring the gelato too!"

Then Senator Obama taking a Pound Break with Plenty of Peppers (2008)

As he sank his teeth into this fatty torta, did Mr. Obama have any idea how many short-sighted idiots he would be dealing with in the coming years?  Probably not.  Mr. President, you RULE.  Keep On Pounding!

A little Tapatio would be nice...

Kate Hudson Pounding Fro-Yo

We think this is Pinkberry, but she’s not holding the label to the camera, so we are speculating.

Check out the Pounding!

Nicole Richie Pounding a Delicious Crispy Golden Corn Dog

Damn Nicole – that looks really good.  Pound away!

Who DOESN'T want a corn dog after viewing this?

What has happened to you, celebrities?

There was a time, typing “celebrities eating” into Google would bring a thousand pictures of celebrities, hundreds of pictures of celebrities eating, and a good 10 or 12 pictures of Celebrities Pounding It.  Over the last week, the searches are bringing back the same results again and again.  Either the celebrities aren’t pounding it, or the photographers aren’t catching it.  I think it’s time we all took a hard look at what Pounding It is all about.

This is Takeru Kobayashi.  Known simply as Kobayashi in the world of professional speed-eating.

He's gonna show Hollywood what pounding is all about!

Look at that concentration.

This is dog 47 of 54.

Kobayashi has won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship a record six times in a row.  In his first try, he pounded 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

Pounding It like a Champ!

Kobayashi also holds records for pounding lobster rolls, hamburgers, gyoza, roasted pork buns, and cow brains.  He once ate 64 tacos in 15 minutes for charity.

Thank you, Kobayashi!

Mr. Kobayashi, here at CPI we tip our hat to you and say Thank You for Pounding It So Hard.  You are an inspiration!

A Celebrity BECAUSE he Pounds It.

Let’s get with it, celebrities!  Let’s see you POUND IT!


Hugh Grant Pounds a Fishwich as he Searches the Rough for Tartar Sauce

Got a little on your face, Hugh…  no, higher…

Hey Grant, can you chew a little quieter? I'm trying to putt over here!