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The Great Khali, Superstar of the WWE, is Pounding That Banana!

Oh, to be a bananafeeder to the Great Khali!  It’s not about glory, it’s about making a difference.

Look out for the mushy brown spots, oh great one!

Look out for the mushy brown spots, oh great one!


Puppy Bowl Prep Pounding!

Super Bowl XLVII is right around the corner.  It’s gonna be an awesome matchup, but not nearly as awesome as watching Puppy Bowl IX!  Please take pleasure in these blue chip prospects as they Pound It!

Look at these little guys! They are destroying those ribs!

Serena Williams, 5-Time Wimbledon Champ and Megababe Deluxe, Pounding It!

Ms. Williams relaxes and dishes out a low-key Pounding.

A graceful Pound in a moment of repose.

President Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron are Pounding Dogs and Watching Hoops

Look at these guys – Supreme Dog Destruction during the NCAA tourney.  AMERICA IS BACK, BABY!

World Leaders, Pounding It in Unison!

Alex Rodriguez’ version of Pounding It…

A-Rod has taken Pounding It to a new level.  Anybody can jam it in and gulp it down, but not everyone can get a Pounding from Cameron Diaz.

Cameron is in control at all times, and is carefully monitoring the Poundometer (see wrist)

Hey Alex, you got a little Pound gravy on your chin…

Here? Did I get it?


Shaquille O’Neal is Destroying It Courtside!

Okay, so this is from The Onion, but how could we not include this?

"Shaq Sits On Celtics Bench Enjoying Garbage Bag Filled With Popcorn"

Here Comes the Hulkster! HULK POUND!

The Pythons are guiding this particular Pound right down the gullet.

So tan, so pumped. Why isn't he a Governor yet?

Uh oh…  who’s that knocking?

Oh for fuck's sake...

Stay with us folks – we’ll get this squared away.  CPI