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We are pleased to introduce our CPI Guest Correspondent, J Michael… and he is POUNDING IT!

CPI is the one true source for pics of celebrities destroying burritos, tearing into turkey grinders, or pounding the fuck out of a huge banana split.  You all know that.  But only one of you, on all of Twitter, has stepped up and said “let me find a few great Pounds for you.”  And that is J Michael.  Here he is.

J Michael, Special Pounding Correspondent, Pounding a Plate of Pot Stickers. Nice work, J Michael!

We have gotten some of our best recent Pounds from this guy – please welcome him into your hearts and stomachs!  #CPI


Katie Couric. News Pounder.

Forget the whole “cute” thing, Katie Couric is a Hard News Pounder with a nose for the big story.  BTW, who’s the guy blowing a spit bubble that reads “”  Now THAT’S news!  Hat Tip to that!

You stay classy, Poun Diego!

Jabba Pounds some kind of frothy space shake

Man, Jabba is going to town on that shake, or something, whatever that is. Stay away from his mouth.

Bring me Solo, chung wookie and a cheesebuger.

Don’t Pound and Drive

Britney Spears is pounding what looks like a Pringle, or a slice of Papaya. Not sure, but it’s not safe. Kids don’t try this at home.

arhghg arhfhhghg GET OUT OF MY WAY arrrrhchchgghgghg mmm mm

Adrien Brody POUNDS a FORKFUL!

Or possibly a spoonful.  We can’t see his hand.  Nice bracelet, though.

Is that coleslaw?

Michael Cera, Skinny Guy who Pounds Big

Via Gawker.  Others at table are unidentified.

A Finger-Licking Cera Pound. Go get it Michael!

Kelly Ripa Rips into this, that’s for sure. Animal being Pounded…questionable.

Kelly finally went and did it…She ate Regis.

Kelly Ripa(s) it apart.

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