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Check out all the Hollywood Blondes! They are POUNDING IT!

Like any other media outlet, Celebrities Pounding It has to constantly take the temperature of the Global Media Consumer.  When we asked you, the people, whom you wanted to see Pounding It more than any other, the answer came back loud and clear.  Blondes Pounding It.  Especially blonde women, Pounding It especially hard.  And so, since we are a compliant media who always give the people whatever they want, no matter how vapid or puerile the peoples’ desires may be, here comes a huge stack of Blondes Pounding It!  Let’s start off with refreshments…

You better believe blondes have more fun, especially when they’re Pounding It! Check out Perez Hilton, Pounding the Sweet Tea!

It looks like a Share Pound to us – if only we could know the lucky sharer!

It looks like a Share Pound to us – if only we could know the lucky sharer!

Gwyneth Paltrow is giving these tasty raviolis the Pounding that they have always desired. Nice one, Gwyneth!

Could use a little Cholula, but whatevs.

Could use a little Cholula, but whatevs.

Check out Nicole Kidman, sticking it in there like she doesn’t give a shit.  Beautifully Pounded, M’lady!

A truly gorge-ous Celebrity Pounder!

A truly gorgeous Celebrity Pounder!

Here’s Heidi Montag, giving a Sweet Pounding to a single raspberry!  WOW!

Not really Pounding It, but she’s blonde, so we’re going with it.

Not really Pounding It, but she’s blonde, so we’re going with it.

Lady Gaga is Pounding It in a very stagy and precocious way.  Pretty amazed with the speed at which this chick fell off the national Give-A-Fuck registry.



Kirsten Dunst is awesome.  We have no idea what she’s Pounding, and we don’t really care.  And now, out of respect for her privacy, we’re gonna back off.

What a doll.

What a doll.

Okay, that’s enough for a while – we’re going to take some time off and  let the batteries recharge for a bit, maybe recapture some of the love of this business that has slipped away recently.  But if any of you PoundWatchers have a great snapshot of a celebrity really giving the business to a plate of spaghetti, or a giant platter of BBQ, or a mile-high mud pie, feel free to send it our way.  We might add it to the pantheon of Celebrities Pounding It!


Bear Grylls, Frog Pounder!

We have shown, on more than one occasion, that Bear Grylls will Pound the Living Fuck out of Anything!  Does he go for seconds?  You will have to tune in and watch the show to find that out.

Dude is a Destroyer Extraordinaire!

Grace Kelly shows us a little move she calls the “Peel and Pound”

What a BABE!  And she is about to give that orange the Pounding of a Lifetime!

Again... what a BABE!

She took a lesson or two from a tall skinny guy who knew a thing about Pounding It.

Kelly and Jimmy Stewart, watching themselves in a full length mirror as Stewart slowly and methodically destroys a pair of chocolate novelty binoculars. That's Pounding!

Mark Wahlberg is gonna Pound this half-sandwich, then it’s off to the Gun Show!

When we say gun show, we mean he’s going to flex his arm muscles.

That sandwich doesn't seem so big that he needs to open his mouth that wide. Good pound, though.

Jack Wagner in a Pounding that puts the Kardashians to shame!

Here’s Jack Wagner, rehearsing for the big wedding scene on General Hospital.  You know why he Pounds It this hard during rehearsals?  Because he’s METHOD, that’s why.

That's okay, we'll find another spatula.

Josh Duhamel has some Pounding to do!

Off to find a quiet place to Pound, Josh?  Away from the prying eyes of CPI?  Don’t be ashamed – EMBRACE THE PEAR POUND!

Don't get any on ya, Josh!

HT to Socialite Life!

Jabba Pounds some kind of frothy space shake

Man, Jabba is going to town on that shake, or something, whatever that is. Stay away from his mouth.

Bring me Solo, chung wookie and a cheesebuger.