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Ted Strickland (D) with the Rebuttal Pound

This is why the Dems are always on the ropes. For crying out loud, Ted – of all the things you could have Pounded, you choose a big loaf of BREAD?  Anything in those containers behind you would have been GREAT.

Pound the soy sauce packets if you have to! At least it has a little flavor!


Mitt Romney is Pounding It – Could Be a Little More Reaganesque

Where’s the optimism?  Where’s the enthusiasm?

Not too inspiring…

Come on, Mitt – do you need a refresher in Pounding It like a President?  If so, check out the Gipper!

Morning In America Indeed!

Richard M. Nixon (the M. stands for Mmmmm-MM!) is Pounding It!

He is getting deep into some Dim Sum. Can’t get it this good in DC, that’s for sure.

He looks like he’s suspicious, but he’s actually blissing out on the beef tendon. Awesome!

Abraham Lincoln (R) is Pounding It! USA! USA!

Metabolism catches up to even the leanest of the rail-splitting Republican Greats.

Honest Abe was a Wing Man! Who knew?

Newt Gingrich is Pounding It: Cup and Spoon Edition

Not much to add to this Pounding.  Thank goodness the party came to their senses on this guy.

Is that an Albanian flag pin on his lapel? FOR SHAME, NEWTON!

Marcus Bachmann is Pounding It!

He just ran into a spot of gristle. He’ll bear up, put on a happy face and Pound this thing – his wife will see to THAT!

Paging Norman Rockwell… Please report to the CornDog Booth…

Mike Huckabee is Considering his Entrance Strategy on this Fat Pork Chop

The Huck wants to take a bite of this delicious chop, but wants to know how it will play in the Pork States.

Look out for BloodSchwa! Coming in from the left!