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Amanda Seyfried is Destroying a Giant Raw Peeled Russet Potato! Now THAT’S Pounding It!

Frying? Baking? Roasting? Those are all potato-cooking processes that suck up valuable Pounding Time.  Just peel the damn thing!

It gets no fresher than this! Nice Pound, Amanda!

It gets no fresher than this! Nice Pound, Amanda!


James Gandolfini Pound Emergency!

We are not sure if James here is pounding and choking and trying to yell out for help, or if he is yelling at his assistant while enjoying a delicious McGriddle Sandwich. Man, next time, take it easy, you are busy, but you don’t have to eat the whole thing at one time.

Hey. *choke choke* get me a spritzer water with a *choke choke* twist you muther *choke choke*

Alison Hammond is a Celebrity – This Little Guy is Trying to Get Himself Outta Here!

Janice Dickinson had a similar Pounding experience, didn’t she?  Alison (Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Ready Steady Cook) is either participating in a game show, or some new Pounding craze that is sweeping the Isles.  In for a penny, in for a POUND!

That little crustacean is going to take very little more of this indignity.

Once more, Bear Grylls shows you how fresh a Pounding can be.

What is with this guy?  And why can’t everyone Pound It as hard as he does?

Sashimi takes too long. Must Pound Now!