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Ellen and Portia, Prepping for a Pounding!

Look at that poor unsuspecting biscuit sandwich on the plate.  Little does it know that Ellen has gotten out her patented Pre-Pound Tongue Prepping Stick, which she picked up on her last trip to Italy (where they know the meaning of Pounding It).  Nice work, ladies!

"Scrub back to front for maximum Pound Efficiency."


Grace Kelly shows us a little move she calls the “Peel and Pound”

What a BABE!  And she is about to give that orange the Pounding of a Lifetime!

Again... what a BABE!

She took a lesson or two from a tall skinny guy who knew a thing about Pounding It.

Kelly and Jimmy Stewart, watching themselves in a full length mirror as Stewart slowly and methodically destroys a pair of chocolate novelty binoculars. That's Pounding!