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The Gorgeous Eva Mendes is Pounding a Slightly Modified Bruschetta with Grace and Style

Have you ever come across a celebrity as he or she was Pounding It, and it pretty much made your heart jump out of your chest, simply because the Pounding looked so incredibly beautiful? You probably just felt it now, after seeing the performance that Eva just put on. Is she the greatest or what? Every time we put on the DVD of “The Place Beyond the Pines” down here at the CPI offices, everybody is in tears by the end of the first act. It’s all you, Eva! We love you!

Up and In There!

Up and In There!


James Gandolfini Pound Emergency!

We are not sure if James here is pounding and choking and trying to yell out for help, or if he is yelling at his assistant while enjoying a delicious McGriddle Sandwich. Man, next time, take it easy, you are busy, but you don’t have to eat the whole thing at one time.

Hey. *choke choke* get me a spritzer water with a *choke choke* twist you muther *choke choke*

Don’t Pound and Drive

Britney Spears is pounding what looks like a Pringle, or a slice of Papaya. Not sure, but it’s not safe. Kids don’t try this at home.

arhghg arhfhhghg GET OUT OF MY WAY arrrrhchchgghgghg mmm mm

Will Smith is Pounding on the Fly!

CPI loves Will Smith.  Even more, we love to watch him Pound It.

Plate and fork are parallel to the ground for minimal wind resistance.