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Perez Hilton is Bringing This Personalized Cupcake In for a Pounding!

We would have drawn a bunch of shit all over this picture of Perez Hilton as he Nibble-Pounds a Frosty Cupcake, but it would have taken away from the photo’s composition.  And those penetrating crystal blue eyes.

Who’s gonna scribble all over this foxy snapshot? Not #CPI, that’s for sure!

Who’s gonna scribble all over this foxy snapshot? Not #CPI, that’s for sure!


Gaze upon these beautiful cupcakes while you can – Lance Bass is about to Pound every one of ‘em!

Lance Bass is a quadruple threat – he sings, he dances, he acts, and he Pounds It.  These frosty little treats are about to get DESTROYED.

Hat tip to HSPARIARY

Hat tip to HSPARIARY

Little Cupcake, you have the honor of being pounded by Apolo Anton Ohno, Olympian!

No one can crush it quite like the Americans.  And this cupcake is getting Pounded by one of the best!  Mock if you will, tall guy in back – but there is no I in POUND!

Pound it for America, Apolo! USA! USA! USA!

What’s the Deal with Everyone Pounding Cupcakes?

So we ran across this on this morning:

Keanu Reeves takes part in a cascading cupcake pound, via Gawker

And then we remembered this:

Emma Watson is POUNDING that cupcake!

And this:

Cheryl Hines - that cupcake is getting a Pounding!

And then we started thinking, WTF is up with all these cupcakes?

Katherine Heigl, Pounding It for the Hostess Corporation

Is “cupcake pounding” the new “hot dog pounding?”  Because if this is a trend, CPI needs to be on it.

Sarah Jessica Parker is on Pound Patrol, and she has cornered a fat pink cupcake

Seriously, WTF?

Young Hollywood, savagely pounding the cupcake craze, unaware that it's pretty much played out already

Derek Jeter apparently got sick of pounding this cupcake and just walked away from it.  Poor cupcake.

Derek Jeter's pounded cupcake (unconfirmed)

What’s the next pounding craze?  Our sources say steamed artichokes.

Stay tuned – CPI