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Justin Timberlake – Clepto Pounder!

So here is this guy, enjoying his 7-11 breakfast sandwich, or jelly filled doughnut or twinkie or whatever the hell that is, and along comes ol JT who snatches it out of his hand and pounds it, with style we might add. Celebs, they think they can pound whatever, whenever they want.

“Hey man! That’s my… oh Justine TImberlake!”


Britney Spears is experiencing a Level 4 Pound Rejection!

This could have been so much worse, but Britney is an experienced Pounder who knows what she’s doing!  And Femme Fatale is rocking the CPI offices as we speak!

Thank heavens she was wearing her safety goggles!


Kim Kardashian, c’mon, we thought you were better than that, you are the queen. Take off that lid before pounding that Kefir!