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Kirstie Alley is Pounding the Sweet Sweet Creamy Sweetness!

Kirstie is such a babe – we could watch her Pound It all day long.  She recently stunned the audience at NY Fashion Week with her stunning weight loss – good for you, Kirstie! We still like to see you Pounding It, though!

Anyone else feel like going out for ice cream right now?



Justin Bieber – Pounding Pinkberry!

Justin Bieber feat. Green Tea and Pomegranite Swirl.  Who’s not gonna go for that?

Lap it up, ya goofball!

Good looking actors Pounding fresh fruit? Sure, here’s another – Jake Gyllenhaal destroys an apple!

Crunchy and delicious.  But those little hats are pretty much over.  Sorry Jake!

He is really plowing into that thing! Nice Pounding!

Looks like someone else wants in on the action…

If anyone out there wants to watch me Pound It, just say the word! Please! I need this!

Kirsten Dunst Pounds It Again…

Not sure who that is on her left, but we don’t think she’s aware that Kirsten is in full on Pound-Malfunction mode.

"Where did I put that Spork?"

Don’t Pound and Drive

Britney Spears is pounding what looks like a Pringle, or a slice of Papaya. Not sure, but it’s not safe. Kids don’t try this at home.

arhghg arhfhhghg GET OUT OF MY WAY arrrrhchchgghgghg mmm mm

Kristen Bell, Pounding Machine

Ms. Bell is really doing a number on this slice.

Keep it over the plate, young Poundwalker!

Hugh Grant Pounds a Fishwich as he Searches the Rough for Tartar Sauce

Got a little on your face, Hugh…  no, higher…

Hey Grant, can you chew a little quieter? I'm trying to putt over here!