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Bubbles the Hippo is taking care of breakfast, lunch and dinner with this pound!

We have seen some amazing animal pounding, but here we see Bubbles the hippo pounding an alligator! You can see Bubbles in the upcoming movie, Behind Enemy Lines 3 and also I Shouldn’t Be Alive – Congo Nightmare coming this Fall on the National Geographic Channel.

Hold him down while I bite his head off!


Rupert Murdoch Pounding It

Rupert pounds happily, knowing that one of his suits it standing by with a follow-up Pasta Pound (left).

Media moguls: they Pound like the rest of us!

What has happened to you, celebrities?

There was a time, typing “celebrities eating” into Google would bring a thousand pictures of celebrities, hundreds of pictures of celebrities eating, and a good 10 or 12 pictures of Celebrities Pounding It.  Over the last week, the searches are bringing back the same results again and again.  Either the celebrities aren’t pounding it, or the photographers aren’t catching it.  I think it’s time we all took a hard look at what Pounding It is all about.

This is Takeru Kobayashi.  Known simply as Kobayashi in the world of professional speed-eating.

He's gonna show Hollywood what pounding is all about!

Look at that concentration.

This is dog 47 of 54.

Kobayashi has won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship a record six times in a row.  In his first try, he pounded 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

Pounding It like a Champ!

Kobayashi also holds records for pounding lobster rolls, hamburgers, gyoza, roasted pork buns, and cow brains.  He once ate 64 tacos in 15 minutes for charity.

Thank you, Kobayashi!

Mr. Kobayashi, here at CPI we tip our hat to you and say Thank You for Pounding It So Hard.  You are an inspiration!

A Celebrity BECAUSE he Pounds It.

Let’s get with it, celebrities!  Let’s see you POUND IT!


Heidi Klum Attempts the Triple Pound

Nice pounding, Heidi.

Start in the middle and work your way out...

Melanie and Antonio – Two Hearts Pounding as One

The lady will have the rotini – I don’t know WHAT the gentleman is pounding, but he needs to slow down.

Im'a POUND you, noodles!

Speed Pounder

Antonio’s Pounding is sponsored by MOTO.

JennoWen, or WilsIston, or Whatever It Was at the Time, Pounding Dog Cookies in Germany to Promote Marley & Me

Doesn’t look like very tasty pounding, but it’s pounding nonetheless.

Marley & Me was worth every bite.

Julia Roberts Pounds an Empty Spoon

Hey Julia, how about putting some of that gelato on that spoon before you commence Pounding It?

Julia has that far away look in her eye - getting ready to pound.