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Handsome Hollywood Daredevil Johnny Knoxville is Crushing a Sno-Cone!

Seems pretty tame for a guy with JK’s pedigree, right?  But this particular Sno-Cone is made of broken glass and liquid nitrogen. EXTREME!

Very cold and sharp!  YEEEE-OWCH!

Very cold and sharp! YEEEE-OWCH!

And go see Bad Grandpa!  It’s AWESOME!  #CPI


Owen Wilson shows us the ol’ Walk and Pound!

Minding his own, Pounding a dog…

Crushing it. Just CRUSHING it.

“Hey Wilson – that’s not a Pound…

Now THAT'S a Pound!

Think you can handle this?  You gonna step to Martha?


Don’t Pound and Drive

Britney Spears is pounding what looks like a Pringle, or a slice of Papaya. Not sure, but it’s not safe. Kids don’t try this at home.

arhghg arhfhhghg GET OUT OF MY WAY arrrrhchchgghgghg mmm mm

Vanessa Minnillo enjoys some pizza at a Lakers game

look out, the pepperoni is going to drip on the guy in front of you!

Man does Vanessa know how to POUND pizza. The guy below her is like, watch the hot pepperoni V-dog!

Happy Thankspounding – George Bush, gets ready to Pound a Turkey

I was blind sided by this Turkey

George is thinking about this turkey and how succulent it’s going to be when he pounds it.

Luke Wilson Pounds Either an Eggroll or a Little Burrito

Either way, a delicious Pounding.

Pounding on the set of Reservoir Dogs 2 - Back to the Warehouse

What has happened to you, celebrities?

There was a time, typing “celebrities eating” into Google would bring a thousand pictures of celebrities, hundreds of pictures of celebrities eating, and a good 10 or 12 pictures of Celebrities Pounding It.  Over the last week, the searches are bringing back the same results again and again.  Either the celebrities aren’t pounding it, or the photographers aren’t catching it.  I think it’s time we all took a hard look at what Pounding It is all about.

This is Takeru Kobayashi.  Known simply as Kobayashi in the world of professional speed-eating.

He's gonna show Hollywood what pounding is all about!

Look at that concentration.

This is dog 47 of 54.

Kobayashi has won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship a record six times in a row.  In his first try, he pounded 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

Pounding It like a Champ!

Kobayashi also holds records for pounding lobster rolls, hamburgers, gyoza, roasted pork buns, and cow brains.  He once ate 64 tacos in 15 minutes for charity.

Thank you, Kobayashi!

Mr. Kobayashi, here at CPI we tip our hat to you and say Thank You for Pounding It So Hard.  You are an inspiration!

A Celebrity BECAUSE he Pounds It.

Let’s get with it, celebrities!  Let’s see you POUND IT!