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Kenny Baker, star of stage and screen, Pounding It on the set of some movie…

Courtesy of Michael J, who found the pic on some other site, here is Kenny Baker taking a break from being stuck in a little tin barrel in the blazing desert sun.  As you can see, he is Pounding the fuck outta that hot dog.

Hey Squarebot, keep your eyes on your own Pound!


Betty White Gives a Dog a Pounding!

Ms. White is very serious about animal welfare, but foot-long hot dogs don’t count.  Check out the Pounding she’s dishing out!

She is gonna SMASH that weiner!

What has happened to you, celebrities?

There was a time, typing “celebrities eating” into Google would bring a thousand pictures of celebrities, hundreds of pictures of celebrities eating, and a good 10 or 12 pictures of Celebrities Pounding It.  Over the last week, the searches are bringing back the same results again and again.  Either the celebrities aren’t pounding it, or the photographers aren’t catching it.  I think it’s time we all took a hard look at what Pounding It is all about.

This is Takeru Kobayashi.  Known simply as Kobayashi in the world of professional speed-eating.

He's gonna show Hollywood what pounding is all about!

Look at that concentration.

This is dog 47 of 54.

Kobayashi has won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship a record six times in a row.  In his first try, he pounded 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

Pounding It like a Champ!

Kobayashi also holds records for pounding lobster rolls, hamburgers, gyoza, roasted pork buns, and cow brains.  He once ate 64 tacos in 15 minutes for charity.

Thank you, Kobayashi!

Mr. Kobayashi, here at CPI we tip our hat to you and say Thank You for Pounding It So Hard.  You are an inspiration!

A Celebrity BECAUSE he Pounds It.

Let’s get with it, celebrities!  Let’s see you POUND IT!


A Split Char-Dog Pounding, Courtesy of Jennifer Lopez

She knows how the pound is done and done right.  Jam it in and save the regrets for another day.

Serious shove-it-in-your-face POUND!

Big Thanks to @RainnWilson for tweeting this picture of Snooki Pounding It.

Rainn, you are AWESOME.  And The Rocker deserved an Oscar.

Snooki, pounding it.

Via @rainnwilson

Celebrity Pound Off #2 – Khloe Kardashian VS Vince Vaughn

They are both neck in neck, but Vince seems to be really going for the gusto with his signature, one bite pound to wind over Khloe. Good job to both.

Man, women, wild pounding

George Clooney Pounds a hot dog with Fury!

He looks like he ate all of Ocean’s 11. Slow Down George…slow down!

George Clooney POUNDS a Hot Dog...ARRrcgh must shove it