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Oh Lola Berry, Won’t You Come A-Pounding Matilda With Us?

There are few things in this world that CPI loves more than Ms. Lola Berry, World’s Greatest Nutritionist.  We keep trying to get her to come to Seattle to hang with us, but no luck so far.  She’s an Aussie dynamo, ready to show you the way to a healthier life through diet!

This fresh crisp salad is going to be Reasonably Destroyed through a series of Sensible Bites.

This fresh crisp salad is going to be Reasonably Destroyed through a series of Sensible Bites.

If you’re not already following her on Twitter, what the fuck are you waiting for?  She’s at @yummololaberry – even typing it is a delight.  Try it with me – @yummololaberry… @yummololaberry… @yummololaberry…

She is so cute it’s going to make our eyeballs pop…

She is so cute it’s going to make our eyeballs pop…

But if you really want the Lola Berry experience, check her out at – you will get all the Lola Berry you can handle.  And if you truly care about the Pounders in your life, Celebrity or otherwise, you will go to this link and pick up a copy of her book, “The 20 / 20 Diet.”  Lola herself lost 20 kilos in 20 weeks by Pounding unprocessed foods and skipping on dairy, grains and refined sugars.  We also hear there’s a new book on the way, but we’re all going to have to wait on that one.

Lola Berry – Ravishing with Radishes!

Lola Berry – Ravishing with Radishes!

Lola, you make us want to be better Pounders!  #CPI


Kim Cattrall in a Homespun, Bulky-Sweatered Green-Apple Pound!

Ever since Porky’s, Ms. Cattrall has been the ideal.  Such a BABE!  And look at the work she’s doing on that Granny Smith!  She is POUNDING IT!

Don’t you just want to take her home and curl up in front of the fireplace with her?

Ryan Gosling, the Male Ideal – Pounding It!

One of the finest actors of our generation, and as you can see, he really knows how to pound the fuck out of an apple.  And he keeps his custom sustainable bamboo toothpick in its carrying case behind his ear, to clear out any bits of peel from the gums.  Because he knows what he’s doing.  But why the pink clutch bag?

You see Blue Valentine? Did this guy knock it out of the park or WHAT?

Nic Cage – Telepathic Pickle Pounder

Mr. Cage is taking bite after bite out of this pickle…  WITH HIS MIND!

Be the Pound...

Grace Kelly shows us a little move she calls the “Peel and Pound”

What a BABE!  And she is about to give that orange the Pounding of a Lifetime!

Again... what a BABE!

She took a lesson or two from a tall skinny guy who knew a thing about Pounding It.

Kelly and Jimmy Stewart, watching themselves in a full length mirror as Stewart slowly and methodically destroys a pair of chocolate novelty binoculars. That's Pounding!

Rhys Ifans is Pounding It!

We can’t say for sure what he is pounding exactly, but he is starring in the upcoming mega-feature The Amazing Spider-Man.  And his performance as Puff in Human Nature (Gondry/Kaufman) never fails to please.  The guy is a Mega Celebrity, and he is Mega Pounding It!

Toasted bagel and sponge sandwich, perhaps? Who can tell from this angle?

Rachael Ray is Pounding a Leafburger with Gusto!

We wouldn’t call that burger delicious-looking, not by a longshot, but it’s the Intensity of the Pounding that sells it on CPI!

She looks like she's trying to silence her own screams of terror. With bitter greens.