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Jessie J is Fully Engaged in a Delicious Juicy Cheeseburger Pounding!

Jessie J is a pop sensation currently slaying the charts in the UK, and as of this Pound Posting, she has announced that she is bringing her star power to America in 2014!  We welcome you Jessie – and please note, it appears that you are Pounding In-N-Out, which they DO NOT HAVE in NYC.  So if these little beauties are any part of the reason that you’re planning to cross the pond, you’re going to need some weekend trips to Los Angeles.  But NYC does have amazing food across the board – you should have no problems.

That’s a beautiful Pounding!

That’s a beautiful Pounding!


Check out Simon Pegg – Wearin’ his Otchkies and Poundie-Wounding a Bit of the Old Cotton Candy!

Mr. Pegg is putting a touch of the sladky stuff straight into his gutti-wuts.  Nicely Pounded, Sir!

Be sure to brush, Simon – that stuff is bad for your zoobies!

Be sure to brush, Simon – that stuff is bad for your zoobies!  Tip of the hat to Simon’s droogie, Nathan Fillion!

Kim Cattrall in a Homespun, Bulky-Sweatered Green-Apple Pound!

Ever since Porky’s, Ms. Cattrall has been the ideal.  Such a BABE!  And look at the work she’s doing on that Granny Smith!  She is POUNDING IT!

Don’t you just want to take her home and curl up in front of the fireplace with her?

Alison Hammond is a Celebrity – This Little Guy is Trying to Get Himself Outta Here!

Janice Dickinson had a similar Pounding experience, didn’t she?  Alison (Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Ready Steady Cook) is either participating in a game show, or some new Pounding craze that is sweeping the Isles.  In for a penny, in for a POUND!

That little crustacean is going to take very little more of this indignity.