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Celebrity Pound Off #2 – Khloe Kardashian VS Vince Vaughn

They are both neck in neck, but Vince seems to be really going for the gusto with his signature, one bite pound to wind over Khloe. Good job to both.

Man, women, wild pounding


Celebrity Pound Off #1 Leighton Meester VS Iron Mike Tyson

It’s the first POUND OFF. Iron mike looks determined to pound that salad, but Leighton Meester is making an equally good attempt at shoving that hoogie into her head. Our vote goes to Leighton, anyone that goes up against Iron Mike in our mind deserves to win.

Meester VS Iron Mike

Melanie and Antonio – Two Hearts Pounding as One

The lady will have the rotini – I don’t know WHAT the gentleman is pounding, but he needs to slow down.

Im'a POUND you, noodles!

Speed Pounder

Antonio’s Pounding is sponsored by MOTO.

Double Hayden Panettiere Pounding Moment.

Two pics, too good to choose. Both beautiful pounding moments. Only Hayden can pound so gracefully and maintain her sense of style and grace.

Hayden Panettiere enjoys foods of a lighter nature.