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Melanie and Antonio – Two Hearts Pounding as One

The lady will have the rotini – I don’t know WHAT the gentleman is pounding, but he needs to slow down.

Im'a POUND you, noodles!

Speed Pounder

Antonio’s Pounding is sponsored by MOTO.


JennoWen, or WilsIston, or Whatever It Was at the Time, Pounding Dog Cookies in Germany to Promote Marley & Me

Doesn’t look like very tasty pounding, but it’s pounding nonetheless.

Marley & Me was worth every bite.

Bruce Willis Pounding Lunch at La Pergola

Bruce Willis and Karen McDougal, his new flame and a former Playboy Playmate of the Year, take in a nice lunch. are expendable.

Ty Pennington Pounds a Sandwich on the Beach with a Lady Friend watching in awe.

The ever-tan host of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” handyman Ty Pennington pounds a sandwich and salad with his longtime ladyfriend Drea Bock.

This is like a makeover in my mouth!