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Sir Paul McCartney is Pounding It!

We were going to say that Sir Paul lost a Super Bowl Super Bet with Sir Ringo, and that the loser had to eat an entire cheese by himself. And of course, Sir Paul being the awesome guy he is, would have clearly placed his cheese wager on the Seahawks. But then we knew that we would receive a lot of heat about the photo being from 1965 or something, and we didn’t figure the joke was worth it. So here he is, Sir Paul McCartney, Pounding an entire cheese by himself for whatever his reason was at the time. Enjoy.

No quarter offered, or taken.

No quarter offered, or taken. Hope for the Future, his new single, is out now!


Werner Herzog is Pounding Quality Footwear

Werner Herzog didn’t think Errol Morris would ever complete Gates of Heaven, his documentary about a California pet cemetery – Herzog said he would Pound his shoe if the movie was ever finished.  In 1978, Gates of Heaven was released.  Shortly afterward, Herzog Pounded It.  And shortly after that, the shoe-pounding was also made into a documentary.

He didn't have to eat the sole or the laces, equating them to chicken bones and feathers. Seriously.