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Here Comes the Hulkster! HULK POUND!

The Pythons are guiding this particular Pound right down the gullet.

So tan, so pumped. Why isn't he a Governor yet?

Uh oh…  who’s that knocking?

Oh for fuck's sake...

Stay with us folks – we’ll get this squared away.  CPI


Featured Pound Subject – French-Fried Potatoes

Crinkle-cut with Ketchup

They come curly, crispy, crinkle-cut, plank-style, steak-cut, waffle cut, skin-on, covered in chili and cheese, covered in truffle oil and garlic, covered in gravy and cheese curds – you see them on the side of every meal imaginable.  Possibly one of the world’s most consumed foods.  We present to you the french fry, and the many Celebrities who Pound Them.

Obviously, they’re big with the teen pop set…

Tip of the hat to Splash News for this pic of Mindy Ray Cyrus Pounding McDonalds Fries

Jessica Simpson Pounds It Radiantly

Also big with the established Hollywood set…

Repeat Pounder Vince Vaughn giving some fries the business

Emma Thompson Pounds a "Chip"

Pounding fries won’t necessarily lead to worldwide fame and adoration…

Who is this little scamp pounding a fistful of fries?

Could it be a young Shia? Maybe so?

But sometimes, pounding fries can bring you to the attention of the entire world!

This is Poutine. Fries, gravy and cheese.

This is Pete "Pretty Boy" Davekos pounding poutine at the World Poutine Eating Championship in Toronto, 2010. Hat Tip to Reuters.

Disgustingly delicious?  Deliciously disgusting?  Who are we to judge?  We just see the pounding and we highlight it.

Chef Ramsay could have done without the pic of that Poutine Pounder.

Keep on Pounding!  CPI

Because why not? Gerard Butler Pounds a Nectarine.

Slow day for Pounding, but we have something special planned for tomorrow.


We nominate Gerard to the Board for Better Fruit Pounding (BBFP).

Katherine Heigl’s Pounding may not be going very well…

Or maybe she’s just sick of people taking her goddam picture without permission while she’s trying to pound her Cobb Salad.  Even making that face, she is incredibly gorgeous.  And she Pounds It like there is no tomorrow.

Radiant Pounding. With a Coke Chaser.

Daughtry DESTROYS a waffle cone!

Look at that poor cone!  Crumbling under the might of Daughtry’s star power.

He is really pounding the fuck out of that ice cream. Well done, Daughtry!

Presidential Pounders of the Past – Richard M. Nixon

He is not a crook – he’s a POUNDER.  And from the looks of it, a very well-balanced pounder.  Is that Pat pounding to his left?

Always keeping a sugar bowl nearby to sweeten the pound!

Robert Pattinson Pounds Corn

A true Pounder knows to always bring floss.

Is this guy SUAVE or WHAT?