President Obama, CPI Still Loves You. Here Are Some Refreshing Presidential Ice Cream Pounds!

Good stuff, cool and Poundable!

Good stuff, cool and Poundable!

Go ahead and slam the President.  You’re bored.  It’s a hot summer and getting hotter, we’re all a little amped up, and it’s easy to turn nonsensical quibbles into grand arguments.  The newspapers, magazines and journals (as well as blogs, vlogs and websites) need something to debate in the void left by the concluded 2012 election.  Mr. Obama can take the criticism.  After five years in office, he has seen plenty of criticism.  He sees your point of view and he is happy to talk about better ways forward, but he has a big job to do and not a lot more time to do it.

Frozen Pound!

Frozen Pound!

This president doesn’t do any of that sleazy stuff that pessimists automatically equate politicians with.  He’s a man with vision, and a goal to assure sustained American success.  He’s not dealing behind closed doors to enrich himself and his rich donor buddies, he’s not messing around on his wife, and as we all knew when he took on this thankless job in 2008, he had a RIDICULOUS amount of crap that he was expected to navigate us through (despite the fact that half the country was praying for his failure on every level).  He has made every decision with the understanding that sometimes we have to sacrifice now in order to prosper later.

Refreshing Icy Pound, heading down!


Today his political base is turning on him over the PATRIOT Act.  Which we all agreed that we needed back when it was put into place in the early 00’s.  The Act has done its job very well.  The arguments against the Act are the same as they were when it was introduced, that we are giving up our privacy for security, which means that we deserve neither, I guess.  But now that we don’t think daily about Fox News Terror Alerts so much, the PATRIOT Act seems like a throwback that we shouldn’t have to honor anymore.  Okay then – introduce the legislation to repeal the Act!  That’s how the law works!  Until then, quit your complaining!

He’s gonna take this Pound into the other room, away from prying eyes, if you don’t mind.

He’s gonna take this Pound into the other room, away from prying eyes, if you don’t mind.

President Barack Obama is a good man, and the best leader this country has had in a generation.  He has a job to do – to steer this ship for the next 3 years until the next captain takes over.  What have his detractors done to make things better in this country?  Zip.  Nada.  No Pounds for you, haters!

Cheers to you, sir.

Cheers to you, sir.

We at CPI are proud to support you, Mr. President.  We’ll get through this.  We believe in you!


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