DNC Pounders!

After that week of Political Celebrities Pounding It from the Republican National Convention, we needed a week off.   So we took one.  And now it’s time to look at the other side of the ticket.  Here come the DNC Pounds for 2012!  First up, Howard Dean!

Party Pound!

How do you feel now, Howard?


How about you, Bill Richardson?  You ready to Pound It?

Must… destroy… Filet o’ fish…

And how about Bill and Hillary?

Bill is plowing through a vegan onion burger. Cuz he’s vegan.

FLOTUS Pound, anyone?

What a doll!

And here’s President Obama, describing a beautiful dream he had…

“We were all at a big table, and Kennedy was there, which was weird, and we were Pounding these massive sub sandwiches, and we all talked about the future of our country and passed a shitload of legislation.”

And then he woke up.  But the dream is still alive.

Yes We Can!

Back to regular old Dazzling Celebrity Pounds next week! Probably!



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