Don’t Pound It at Papa John’s – Pizza Hut is Far Superior Pounding!

Hey all you Celebrities who Pound It, and all the people who like to watch said Pounding – the wax mannequin below thinks he can pressure you into voting for Mitt Romney by charging an extra 15 cents for his shitty pizzas and blaming it on Obamacare.  The story is here.

What a tool.

He has made it pretty clear that his Board’s interests are more important than those of his loyal customers and the people who work for him.  Tell him where he can stick those three large pizzas he’s holding.  Because you know who does it right on the national scale?  Pizza Hut – that’s who!

Look at that satisfied smile! Party on, Wayne!

Pizza Hut may have the same views and interests as any other multinational business interest, but they’re not jumping into election year politics to try to grab headlines like Chick-Fil-A and Papa John’s.  Pizza Hut wants to sell you pizza and pasta and P’zone’s, and they don’t seem concerned with ramming their agenda down your throat.  And they have delivered to the International Space Station.  Which is AWESOME.

If you’re interested in The Hut’s current “Any Pizza, Any Size, Any Toppings for $10” deal, check them out here:

PS – Yes, we are aware that they have used Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh in their past advertising, but the ads kinda made those guys look like douchebags, so it’s all cool.


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